Top 10 Women in Pop Culture – Reader’s Choice!

Interesting choices — definitely reflects a younger audience. If it were my list (hmm, an idea for my blog, Pop Rocking Culture?), Wonder Woman and Hermione Granger would definitely be closer to the top, and it would be Catwoman and Storm rather than Harley Quinn and Rogue on this list. And Emma Peel would have to be somewhere!

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Based on the numbers our readers enjoyed the 100 Women in Pop Culture as much as we did. We’re very happy with that, and we enjoyed looking at how the reader votes fell. We’ve taken a look across the results and put together this Top 10 ranked list – so if you don’t agree with the list you have no-one to blame but yourselves!

That said is not a definitive result with the polls divided into five parts and some being available for longer.

#10 – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

It’s not surprising to see Wonder Woman appear on the list, scrapping in at only number 10. This is possibly down to her long term standing in the comic medium. Now more than ever she stands alongside her team-mates as one of the most powerful superhero around. Hopefully the upcoming movie appearances can help the mainstream understand why she’s such a highly regarded…

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